Memories are made at Twin City Surplus. Share yours with us!

As we head towards our first year anniversary as owners at Twin City Surplus, we reflect on the past year. We have already made so many wonderful memories with our family, staff and customers. Along the way we will continue to build our own memories. In the meantime, we would like you to share yours. What was the most off the wall oddball thing you found here? What amazing projects were you able to pull together after treasure hunting in the bargain yard? When was your first or favorite time you brought your own child to show them the store your grandparents or parents used to bring you to?

I’d like to share mine, it was the first day I walked into Twin City Surplus. My husband had been telling me about this store in Reno that we had to look at. After some persuasion we got in the car and headed here. When I drove up to the Big Red Barn that is Twin City Surplus, I was taken aback by the size of the store as we entered under the awning. We stepped through the door down the path past the front counters and I was overtaken by a sense of serenity. The smell of old wood, hardware, and just age.This store made me feel like I was walking into my grandfather’s garage a feeling I have not had the joy experiencing of for over 20 years. (Even now, as I write this I feel myself choking up.) It was in that moment I looked at my husband and told him this is our future. This store is not just a store you run into and grab a few things. It is place you make time for, make memories in, and share with your loved ones. This store is a living entity that welcomes you with open arms.

Please share your story with us and the rest of the Twin City Surplus family!

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